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The most-read fact checks of 2018, so far

Here are the 10 fact checks that most captivated — or angered — readers so far in 2018.

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For the record: Supreme Court nominees considered in ‘election years’

Democrats are charging hypocrisy by Republicans on considering nominations in election years. But that's just spin.

Rapidly expanding fact-checking movement faces growing pains

The number of fact-checking organizations has tripled around the globe in four years. But the journalistic movement is increasingly under attack.

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Fact-checking claims about Trump’s plan to stop family separations

President Trump signed an executive order meant to stop family separations, and the roll-out featured plenty of spin.

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Five whoppers from President Trump’s impromptu news conference

This is only a partial list.

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Video: Can the president be indicted or subpoenaed?

The Supreme Court has never weighed in directly on these questions. Here's a video primer on the current legal landscape.

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Did 4,645 people die in Hurricane Maria? Nope.

The widely reported number of 4,645 deaths is based on a survey that actually counted only 15 deaths attributed to the hurricane.

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CHIP, CHIMPs and Trump’s budget-rescission request: a guide to the debate

Is President Trump targeting children's health care? Are Democrats crying wolf? Here's what's really going on in the budget game.

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Fact-checking immigration spin on separating families and 1,500 ‘lost’ children

Separating immigrant families is a Trump administration policy, not a Democratic one as the president says. And 1,500 kids were not “lost."

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The dubious statistic getting the DHS secretary in trouble with President Trump

Experts say the number of border apprehensions is not a good measure of DHS's performance.

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