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The debate over DACA: a guide to the numbers used by politicians

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions keeps making false claims about ‘sanctuary’ cities and crime

  • Analysis

President Trump’s first 100 days so far: 4 false/misleading claims per day, 6 of 60 promises kept

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“Leaks are real, news is fake”? Fact-checking 15 claims from Trump’s news conference

Trump earns his first Geppetto Checkmark of truth as president! (plus 9 more Pinocchios, alas)

President Trump’s immigration executive order, by the (non-alternative) facts.

Here’s everything Donald Trump got factually wrong in his first week as president

Goodbye, President Obama. Here’s a look at his most ridiculous Four Pinocchio claims since 2007.

New (almost) president, old facts. Fact-checking President-Elect Trump’s first news conference

From Russia, with love? Fact-checking allegations of Russian ties to WikiLeaks

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