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Recidivism Watch: Trump administration again blames others for its own family separation policy

Trump and his advisers keep saying the law forces them to separate immigrant families at the border. No law requires this.

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Recidivism Watch: Pelosi’s claim that 24 million would be ‘kicked off’ health insurance under GOP bill

The House Minority Leader repeats a claim about the GOP health bill that goes too far.

Recidivism Watch: Spicer uses repeatedly debunked citations for Trump’s voter fraud claims

Again, please stop using this talking point.

Recidivism Watch: Trump’s claim that millions of people voted illegally

Trump resurrects a claim that has been repeatedly debunked as false.

Recidivism Watch: Trump’s claim attributing New York City crime decline to Giuliani’s policies

Trump repeats a Three Pinocchio claim about the impact of Giuliani's "stop-and-frisk" policies on New York City crime rates.

Recidivism Watch: Trump repeats debunked claim that Clinton ‘started the birther controversy’

No, Clinton and her campaign did not start the "birther" controversy.

Recidivism Watch: Trump campaign on 58 percent of black youths ‘not working’

The Trump campaign has altered its talking point on black youth unemployment, but it still doesn't work.

Recidivism Watch: Clinton’s repeated claim that the FBI said her answers were ‘truthful’

Clinton continues to twist a statement by the FBI director to wrongly suggest the FBI declared that her public remarks on the email issues were truthful.

Recidivism Watch: Clinton’s claim about ‘marked classified’ material in her emails

Clinton repeated a claim saying that she never sent or received classified material, but a new announcement by the FBI director directly debunked this claim.

Recidivism Watch: Trump’s misleading comparison of Clinton and Petraeus

Trump again compares the Hillary Clinton email case to Gen. Petraeus's case, an apples-to-oranges comparison.

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