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Cruz repeats a common comparison that the IRS tax code is longer than the Bible. But that's a comparison that doesn't really say anything.

Democratic lawmakers and Clinton supporters are using the 55,000 pages of records she released to deflect attention from the central issue.

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.) earns 4 Pinocchios for making an assertion that lacks any basis in fact.

The Kentucky lawmaker likes to display an oversized check made out to the U.S. taxpayer. But who really gets the money?

Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) offered statistics that were wildly off the mark on an issue crucial to his state.

Coffman's background as combat veteran checks out, but many others who use that term haven't fought in open fire.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) earns Four Pinocchios for misleading his constituents on immigration issues.

We examine statements by GOP lawmakers who once appeared to believe the law allowed subsidies in every state.

Readers either loved or hated our most recent fact check of Sen. Rand Paul's statements on his college degree.

The junior senator from Kentucky engages in some resume inflation.

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