Until one of the NBA's two powerhouses begins to wane or breaks up, there's seemingly nothing other teams can do to compare. Even major offseason additions won't much help the Spurs, Celtics or anyone else.

While most first-basemen are more hulking power hitters, Goldschmidt's base running is putting a 40-40 season in play.

Since 2011, there have been 91 games that required overtime; only 16 featured a drive in the final five minutes of overtime and only three of those teams played the following Thursday. What are we doing here?


Five teams that face brutal first-half schedules in the 2017 NFL season

It's going to be really tough for these five teams to get rolling early, which could be a big blow to their playoff hopes.

Five NFL teams that need to get off to a fast start in 2017

Getting off to a quick start is essential to playoff prospects, particularly for teams with tough season-ending schedules.

The Super Bowl champion Patriots have the easiest schedule of the 2017 NFL season

Five of the Patriots first-half opponents failed to make the playoffs last season.

James's overall Game Score (27.5) is higher than any of his regular season performances and is the second highest of any of his playoff runs.

McCutchen's struggles are even more apparent when compared to Ryan Zimmerman's bounce-back year.

Cleveland's former MVP finished Game 3 with a Game Score of 3.6, his lowest of the 2017 playoffs and third-lowest of his postseason career.

The Celtics, who are in this year's Eastern Conference finals, can also swap draft picks with the Nets in 2017.

Kentucky Derby winner Always Dreaming is the favorite.

Since 2000, only three horses have won the Preakness after skipping the Kentucky Derby.

The Steelers are still the team to beat in the AFC North and should easily outpace their Vegas-predicted win total.

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