(Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

The NFL draft is upon us which means we can stop hearing about all these mock drafts teams can start filling holes on their rosters. One of the more difficult slots to fill: cornerback.

“The hardest positions, for me, in the National Football League, number one is quarterback and the number two is corner,” said Jerry Reese, the Giants’ general manager. “Everybody else is running forward, and you’re running backwards. That’s not easy.”

It also isn’t easy going against the best receivers in the game. ProFootballFocus came out with their 2013 Cornerback Coverage Responsibilities data and  found “there are four cornerbacks currently in the league that are regularly given a shadowing responsibility, typically on the opposition’s primary receiving threat”

Washington Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall got some mixed reviews despite spending 57 percent of the time covering the other team’s top passing threat:

One of Hall’s biggest problems was missed tackles (18), the second worst figure in the league for cornerbacks (min. 800 snaps), and his 63.8 percent passes completed in to his coverage ranked 11th worst. His 0.72 yards allowed per snap placed him firmly in the middle of the pack of NFL cornerbacks. That Hall only allowed four touchdowns might be his best stat from last year considering who he faced off against on a weekly basis.