There was concern that the Washington Wizards, after making the playoffs for the first time since forever 2008, weren’t creating any buzz. But over the last 30 days, they are. At least according to Google Trends.

People across the United States have searched for the Washington Wizards (a rating of 43, which indicates interest relative to the highest point on the chart) more than eight times as often as the Washington Capitals and more than either the Washington Nationals (39) or Washington Redskins (30).

Blue = Washington Wizards, Red = Washington Capitals, Yellow = Washington Nationals, Green = Washington Redskins
Source: Google Trends

The spike for the Redskins on April 24th was when they released their 2014 schedule.

The Nationals ebb and flow depending less on the game schedule, and more about their defensive miscues (April 26) and Strasburg’s pitching (May 7).

The team that you should worry about is the Washington Capitals. The hockey team is paid attention to the least in the Washington area and doesn’t even register on the scale in the nation’s capital in the past 30 days. This despite their star player winning the Rocket Richard for a league-leading fourth time with a terrible plus-minus, the team missing the playoffs, the owner parting ways with their general manager and head coach plus the vacancy being linked to Wayne Gretzky.