LeBron James is the best player in the NBA and continues to show why when the stakes are raised in the playoffs: 30.1 points per game on 57.7 percent shooting plus a nifty little streak going:

Part of the reason? More success driving to the net, which is bad news for the Brooklyn Nets.

“[W]e want [LeBron James] shooting jumpers rather than getting to the lane,” Deron Williams said. “That’s what he wants to do.”

During the regular season LeBron had 7.1 drives per game which generated 6.0 points on 62.6 percent shooting. In the postseason he is making 5.8 drives per game but scoreing 7.0 points per game on 83.3 percent shooting, thanks in part to driving layups.

James took 10 jumpers per game during the Miami Heats first championship run in 2011 but is now under eight. His driving layups, however, have up-ticked over last season and he is making 76.2 percent of his attempts.

“We can’t allow a player like [LeBron] to be in the paint all night,” Nets’ forward Kevin Garnett said.