(Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports)

Austin Jackson is batting lower in the order and simplifying his approach at the plate, leading to increased production. His strikeout percentage has dipped to 15.1 percent  this season after spending most of his career in the 21 to 27 percent range and the 27-year-old outfielder for Detroit has a slash line of .286/.353/.437 overall with 52 total bases and nine walks. He is also fourth on the Tigers in wins above replacement (WAR) at 0.9.

And, we can expect him to get better, especially in terms of hitting home runs.

Just two of his 12 extra-base hits have left the yard this season, despite increasing his batted ball distance to a career high 291.02 feet and hitting flyballs at a career-high pace. However, despite hitting flyballs more often than ever, not many of them are leaving the yard.

One out of every ten flyballs hit in the league become a homer, but Jackson is seeing less than half that rate. Add in his excellent contact rate in the zone (92.2 percent) and who knows, he could see teammates admiring his home-run power in the near future.