It was an off night for San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker. He shot just 4 for 13 from the field and committed four turnovers, three in the first half in a Game 3 loss that gives new life to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Parker also scored no points off transition.

Tony Parker Field Goal Percentage during 2013-14 Playoffs Game 3

“He’s got to play better,” Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich said. “He’s our best player. He’s got to play better.”

In terms of facilitating, aside from no secondary assists in the loss, Parker’s game wasn’t much different than what we have seen in the regular season or the playoffs.

Tony Parker per game
2013-14 Regular Season 29.5 75.5 5.7 55.4
2013-14 Playoffs 31.4 77.7 5.3 54.5
Game 3 vs OKC 28.3 74 4 55

The biggest difference was in the decreased number of contested shots made by Parker, where he went just 2 for 9 on the night.

Here he is missing a jumper off a pick and roll with Derek Fisher defending.

Parker vs Fisher on Pick-and-Roll

And again, this time with Serge Ibaka all over him.

Parker vs Ibaka

“I have to play better,” said Parker. “I know it, and I have to bounce back.”

That starts with making baskets while being defended.