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The Miami Heat are one win away from becoming the fourth team in NBA history to reach four consecutive NBA Finals appearances. The Boston Celtics made 10(!) in a row from 1957 to ’66, then the Los Angeles Lakers were mainstays from 1982 to ’85, then Boston did it again (1984-87). All that stands between “The Big 3” and company are the Indiana Pacers.

“Game 6 is our Game 7,” Heat forward Chris Bosh said.

The key for Miami will be forcing turnovers. The Pacers had 11 turnovers in the first half of Game 5 but settled down in the second half committing just two, helping fuel a victory after halftime.

Source: inpredictable.com

The Heat are averaging 17.6 points per game off Indiana’s turnovers and need to continue to be aggressive in the post, especially against Roy Hibbert.

According to Synergey Sports, the Pacers posted up 18 times in Game 5, made 6-of-14 field goals and committed four turnovers – the highest percentage of any set play they ran five or more times that night.

Hibbert had two of those turnovers, including trouble in the post against the double team.

Hibbert turnover in low post – Game 5 vs. Miami during 2014 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

Hibbert would end up shooting a meager 4-for-11 from the field and end the night with just four points in the paint.

Roy Hibbert Field Goal Percentage during Game 5 of 2014 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

“We’re going against history, but we can’t feel like it can’t be done,” Pacers forward Paul George said. “Everybody in this organization has to feel like we can accomplish this. And we believe. We honestly believe we can accomplish this.”