(REUTERS/Gary Cameron)

A new ranking by Pro Football Focus came out last week that puts the Washington Redskins near the bottom of the league in terms of talent, ranking them 27 out of 32 NFL franchises.

PFF, a football analytics site, went through the depth charts of each NFL squad for the upcoming season and “composed a ranking of each team’s roster using our grading, data and football knowledge,” placing each player into one of eight categories: Elite, High Quality, Good Starter, Average Starter, Below Average Starter, Poor Starter, Not Enough Information and Rookie.

None of Washington’s projected starters were graded as elite and only six were classified as High Quality. Quarterback Robert Griffin III was determined to be merely a Good Starter.

According to PFF, the weak spot on the Redskins’ roster is the secondary, where two players are graded as poor (Tracy Porter and Brandon Meriweather) and a third as a Below Average Starter (David Amerson).

Meriweather being rated as a poor starter is not all that surprising, he led the league for all defenders in broken tackles (16) last season.

Neither is the grade assigned to Porter, who was targeted 94 times last season in coverage for the Oakland Raiders and saw opposing quarterbacks put up a 93.7 passer rating on balls thrown in his direction. In seven of the 16 games he played, opposing quarterbacks had a passer rating of 104 or higher. In other words, over nearly half the season quarterbacks were as effective as Drew Brees (104.7 passer rating in 2013) throwing into Porter’s coverage.

Amerson is coming off a decent campaign in which he was targeted 77 times and yielded 684 yards — 246 yards after the catch — for an opposing passer rating of 81.3, but that was not enough to impress the PFF committee.

The Seattle Seahawks were considered by PFF to be the most talented team in the NFL, “with seven members of the defense either blue-chip elite players or high-quality starters,” and the rest of the NFC East ranked fifth (Philadelphia Eagles), 18th (Dallas Cowboys) and 19th (New York Giants).