Notre Dame lost to Northwestern, 43-40, on Saturday. The loss doesn’t hurt their chances at a playoff berth — they had already dropped to 18th in the rankings released on Nov. 11 by the college football selection committee — but it does impact Florida State’s prospects at playing for a national championship.

The Seminoles beat the Fighting Irish, 31-27, after a pass interference penalty on Notre Dame nullified what would have been the game-winning touchdown. Like Clemson and Oklahoma State before them, Notre Dame falling out of the AP’s top 25 next week leaves Florida State with zero wins over a top-25 opponent. And that hurts a flimsy playoff résumé even further.

Here are the nation’s 128 teams in terms of adjusted margin of victory (treating wins of 24 points or more as 24) and strength of schedule. The metrics are expressed in points. For example, Florida State has beaten a schedule 2.4 points per game better than average (strength of schedule) by 13.4 points per game (margin of victory). Mississippi State, on the other hand, has a similar margin of victory (13.8) against a schedule that is 4.7 points per game better than average. And that includes the loss to Alabama this past Saturday.

There are 12 teams who have an adjusted margin of victory of 13 or more this season, five have played weaker schedules than Florida State: Marshall, Baylor, Wisconsin, Michigan State and TCU. That is in large part because of the relatively weak ACC this season.

Sure, Florida State in the playoffs has a feel of inevitability to it, especially if they go undefeated. However, that doesn’t mean they are deserving — especially with no quality wins on their résumé.