The New York Giants lost to the New York Jets in overtime 23-20. In a season filled with late-game collapses, it was just business as usual for the Giants.

The Giants scored 20 points in the second quarter to hold a 10-point lead over the Jets at halftime, but then failed to score a single point in the remaining two quarters or overtime. Before Week 13, teams had a 112-65 record (.632 win percentage) when leading at the half. The Giants, on the other hand, are now 5-7, and some of those losses stemmed from epic fourth-quarter collapses.

In Week 1 against Dallas, the Giants led 26-20 with one minute and 37 seconds remaining in the game giving them a 99 percent win probability. They lost 27-26.

In Week 2 against Atlanta they had a 20-17 lead with four minutes and 38 seconds to go in the fourth quarter, giving them a 82.6 percent win probability. They lost 24-20.

In Week 8 against New Orleans they were up 49-42 with six minutes and 41 seconds left in the fourth quarter, giving them a 96.4 percent win probability. That dropped a little later, but still stood at 71.7 percent with one minute and 20 seconds to go. They lost 52-49.

In Week 10 against New England, the Giants were up 26-24 with less than two minutes to play, giving them an 89.7 percent win probability, which still stodd at 72.9 percent with seven seconds on the clock. They lost 27-26.

The Giants’ latest loss drops them to 5-7, a half-game behind the Washington Redskins who will play the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. A win by Washington gives the Redskins a one-game lead over New York and the probable tie breaker, which will be the record within the division.

New York also doesn’t have any light towards the end of the tunnel. They still need to face the Dolphins and Vikings on the road and play host to the Panthers and Eagles, making their playoff chances a longshot, at best.

If they miss the postseason, it won’t be hard to pinpoint the main cause.

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