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Just because you draft a defense doesn't mean you need to stick with them the entire year.

In theory, streaming makes perfect sense, but it will be difficult to put into practice during the 2016 season.

How every team can get the best value at every pick in the draft.

"Draft a kicker last" does not apply to Stephen Gostkowski.

Lots of targets equal lots of potential. So who are some strong receivers to aim for?

The consensus experts think Seattle will be the highest scoring defense of 2016.

Don't count on 2016's rookies to perform like Odell Beckham.

Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson round out the upper echelon, but where will Tom Brady and Drew Brees fall?

Since the merger of 1970, 2.8 percent of rookie running backs have produced over 185 fantasy points. Are you feeling lucky?

Some experts are predicting there will be 24 more rookies taken in fantasy drafts this year compared to 2015. But who should you take on draft day?

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