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No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett just got what may turn out to be his last shot in the NBA. So who would go first if we could do-over the draft?

Boston has to do something to challenge the reigning champion Cavaliers. Griffin fits the mold better than Westbrook.

Duncan is one of two players in NBA history to score at least 26,000 points, grab 15,000 or more rebounds and block 3,000 or more shots.

The Bulls get older and more confusing on the offensive end.

Wade's true shooting percentage hit an all-time low in the 2015-16 regular season.

After adding Durant, it's hard to imagine the Warriors slipping at all.

More than a third of Westbrook's passes went to Kevin Durant during the regular season.

What if things went differently?

Vegas oddsmakers are setting the Warriors' over/under at 68.5 wins.

The Grizzlies get a scorer in the front court who can guard the perimeter.

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