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Cleveland has the choice to keep the pick and take either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, or roll the dice on taking a QB in a lower slot.

Taking down the Tar Heels wasn't easy. Here's how the Wildcats did it.

Villanova and North Carolina produced the largest combined margin of victory in NCAA semifinal history.

Any upset possibility starts with the continued dominance of the Orange's 2-3 zone.

The Orange is just the fourth double-digit seed to qualify for the Final Four since seeding began in 1979.

There is a crowd of big-name programs left in the field.

No. 11 Gonzaga is favored over No. 10 Syracuse.

Plan your game-time viewing accordingly.

Kansas needs to beat Maryland and then winner of Villanova/Miami, a tough road by any measure.

The Orange's zone 'D' locks down the paint and forces teams to beat it by outside shooting.

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