The Government Printing Office on Monday released its so-called “Plum Book” for the first time as an app for mobile devices

The publication, officially titled “United States Policy and Supporting Positions,” comes out after each presidential election, listing thousands of federal positions within the executive and legislative branches. It will be available online and in the old fashioned print format at the GPO book store beginning Monday morning.

The app allows users to search the Plum Book by agency, position title, location, appointment type, pay plan and level, tenure and term expiration, and vacancy.

“This publication is a great example of how GPO serves as the official link between the government and its citizens by making information available in official, digital and secure formats,” said GPO acting public printer Davita Vance-Cooks. 

The GPO has developed three other apps, including the Mobile Member Guide, the FY2013 Budget app, and the Presidential Documents app.

The Plum Book started in 1952, during the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration. Republicans requested the publication to know which government positions the GOP could fill after more than two decades of Democratic control of Congress and the White House.  

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