The District of Columbia held on to its number-one ranking for Peace Corps volunteers per capita this year, the agency announced Wednesday afternoon — never mind that the district is not technically a state. 

The greater D.C. metropolitan area ranked high for total volunteers as well, taking second place behind the New York area.

Forty-nine currently serving Peace Corps volunteers called the district home in 2012, while another 338 live in the greater metropolitan area. D.C.’s per capita rate this year was 8.1 volunteers, compared to 7.2 for Vermont, which finished second in that category.

“We’re thrilled that the D.C.-area continues to lead the nation in Peace Corps volunteers,” said Chris Gilson, a regional manager for the agency and a returned volunteer who served in Ecuador from 1984 through 1986.

Throughout the Peace Corps’s history, D.C. has produced 2,206 volunteers, according to the agency.

Not surprisingly, California, the most populous state in the nation, topped the list of states with the greatest total number of volunteers, claiming 1,084.