In Thursday’s reprinted Federal Diary column from Nov. 30, 1993, columnist Mike Causey writes about a plan to offer $25,000 buyouts to some government employees.

Does that number sound familiar? It’s the same amount the Post’s Eric Yoder mentioned in a FAQ Wednesday about how the “fiscal cliff” could affect the federal workforce. (Click here to find out more on that topic).

Our series featuring a column from each decade of the Federal Diary’s existence as it turns 80-years-old has seen many changes in pay over the years (bulldozer operators made 65 cents an hour in 1939, for example), but the buyout offer has stayed the same for the last 19.

During that time in the Clinton administration when buyouts were new, Congress was approving each agency’s request piecemeal. That process now only has to go through the Office of Personnel Management.

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