A coalition of federal-worker unions plans to blitz policymakers Tuesday with requests to preclude government employees from further cuts to their pay and benefits as part of any fiscal-cliff deal. 

The Federal Workers Alliance, which represents more than 300,000 employees through 20 unions, has called on its affiliates’ members to take part in a “Federal Employee Day of Action” that will last 36 hours and include phone calls, electronic constituent letters, in-office visits and efforts to spread awareness through social media.

“We want the Hill’s phones to be ringing off the hook,” said Cory Bythrow, a spokesman for the alliance. 

The group has asked its members to spread a message that federal workers “have already sacrificed $103 billion in pay and benefits — enough is enough,” according to a statement from the alliance. 

“Hurting federal employees only hurts those they serve,” said Bill Dougan, the group’s chairman. “That’s why we’re encouraging all federal employees to stand up and tell Congress to put an end to the irresponsible compensation and budget cuts.” 

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