• Washington Post reporter Steve Vogel wrote about the government demolishing a seven-decade-old Navy annex that once served as Marine Corps headquarters, among many other roles the collection of buildings played.

Anne E. Marimow reports on how the “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal derailed the career of Justice Department lawyer Jason Weinstein, who signed documents helping federal agents proceed with their operation to monitor weapons trafficking to drug rings. 

The Fix explores whether the White House can win a nomination fight over maverick Republican and former Nebraska senator Chuck Hagel, whom the president is expected to announce as his choice for Defense secretary on Monday. 

• Washington Post ombudsman Patrick B. Pexton wrote that the Post could benefit from more government reporting and less political coverage as the news outlet thinks about efficient use of its staff during a tough time for newspapers. (We should mention that the column refers to a “weekly Federal Worker page” that is actually a daily page.)

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