(Pedro Mendoza/AP) (Pedro Mendoza/AP)

A Drug Enforcement Administration agent helped hire a prostitute for a supervisory special agent of the Secret Service during a presidential visit to Colombia last year, according to a Justice Department report.

The sexual encounter, which started with a massage, took place at a second DEA agent’s Colombian residence, the report said. 

News of a prostitution scandal involving Secret Service personnel first surfaced in April, when the agency recalled several agents from the South American country.

The inspector general revealed the involvement of DEA agents in a one-page summary of findings to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee on Dec. 20. NBC published the report online Thursday.   

Investigators determined that the drug agents tried to hide their involvement in the scandal by denying knowledge of the sexual encounter and deleting data from their government-issued BlackBerry phones during a Justice Department probe. 

The agents later confessed to wiping data from their BlackBerry devices and admitted they had hired prostitutes for themselves and used their DEA smartphones to arrange the encounters, according to the report.

In its letter to the Senate committee, the inspector general noted that the State Department “prohibits solicitation of prostitutes by U.S. government personnel assigned to a foreign mission ‘irrespective of whether prostitution is legal in the host country.'” 

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