A few items that caught our attention today: 

Capitol Close Up

In the Loop’s Emily Heil notes that “cliff” has become part of the political lexicon, and it’s not just for “fiscal cliff” any more. Politicians and policy wonks have applied it to the debt ceiling with “deficit cliff” and to dairy subsidies with “milk cliff.”

Come on people. You don’t have to follow this trend. Can’t you hear your parents asking: If your friends abused the word “cliff,” would you?

• The Federal Times reported that the Office of Personnel Management is in the process of overhauling the Combined Federal Campaign, the program that allows charitable organizations to solicit contributions from federal workers. 

Participation in the Combined Federal Campaign has dwindled in recent years, threatening the future of the program. The draft changes, obtained by The Federal Times, would consolidate the 184 local and state-based CFCs into smaller regional organizations more closely controlled by OPM. 

Former senator Chuck Hagel picked up a key Jewish vote for his nomination to become secretary of defense on Tuesday when Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y) announced his support for the Nebraska Republican.

Critics of the president’s choice have voiced concerns about Hagel’s positions on Israel and Iran, but Schumer, the most senior Jewish senator, reportedly made up his mind after a secretive huddle with White House officials, according to Post congressional reporter Paul Kane. 


Federal Diary columnist Joe Davidson noted that fiscal issues have put federal workers in the crosshairs — again.   

D.C.’s food truck fleet is gearing up for its first inauguration, according to The Washington Post’s Going Out Guide. Nineteen trucks will work the streets of the presidential parade route and help onlookers feed their faces on Jan. 21, compared to just one during President Obama’s first inauguration. 

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