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Postal union wants postmaster general Patrick Donahoe ousted

In a quick response to the postmaster general’s plan to stop six-day mail delivery, the national board of the National Rural Letter Carriers Association (NRLCA) voted unanimously to call for his dismissal.

“The declaration today by Postmaster General [Patrick] Donahoe that the Postal Service intends to unilaterally reduce mail delivery from six to five days per week is truly reprehensible and irresponsible,” said NRLCA President Jeanette P. Dwyer.

At a Wednesday morning news  conference, Donahoe said he would implement five-day mail delivery beginning Aug. 5, in a move to save $2 billion annually.

Dwyer said the board, which was meeting in Alexandria, voted after Donahoe’s news  conference. “The Postmaster General’s announcement would not only circumvent the established legislative process,” she said, “it will also jeopardize the Postal Service’s enviable standard of service, which is relied upon by millions of American families nationwide, especially in rural communities.”

She criticized him for taking “this action unilaterally and without reasoned legal justification. … The Postmaster General simply cannot decide to ignore laws when he thinks it’s convenient for the Postal Service to do so.”

Congress has repeatedly instructed the Postal Service to provide six-day delivery. But once a temporary funding measure expires  March 27, there will be nothing preventing the Postal Service to implement five-day delivery, as it has long sought permission to do.

“Is this legal?” Donahue said, asking himself the first question. “Yes it is.”

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