(Pete Marovich/Bloomberg)

The Washington Post is inviting readers to share their stories about how the sequester is affecting their lives, whether at work, at home or otherwise. Have you been furloughed, stood for hours in a security line at an international airport or had to pull your kid from Head Start?

Tell us what you’re dealing with and find out what others have said through our new call-out feature on The Grid.

A few examples of what we’ve seen so far:

The former vice president of a defense-contracting company, ttzavellas, from Norfolk, said sequestration fears caused the firm to close its D.C.-based operations and terminate his or her position. After six months of searching for a new job in the same industry, the reader claims to have filed for bankruptcy.

Another reader, ariell, from Durham, N.C., said” “My agency is furloughing employees for several days over the next 6 months. This will directly cost me over $5,000, on top of no bonuses, no cost-of-living increase in 3 years, and no comp time.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Rapvox, of Flint Hill, Va. expressed “satisfaction that, finally, there is a small start made in reducing out of control federal spending.” The reader added: “Long live the sequester!”

We’re anxious to hear more thoughts, so sound off on our forum.