President Obama proposed a 1 percent raise for federal employees in 2014, as part of his budget proposal released Wednesday.

“This increase reflects the tight budget constraints we now face while also recognizing the critical role these employees play in our everyday lives,” the budget document says.

The raise would be the first increase in basic pay rates since they were frozen beginning in 2011.

(Photo courtesy of AFGE) (Photo courtesy of AFGE)

Obama, as he did last year, again proposed increasing the amount employees pay toward their retirement by 1.2 percentage points, phased in at 0.4 percent over three years.

The “Improving the Federal Workforce” section of the budget defends federal employees against what some of them feel has been a number of attacks by those who complain about Washington bureaucrats.

“Many Federal employees have made remarkable contributions to our society; notably, more than 50 current or former federal employees have received Nobel Prizes,” the budget document says. “Whether defending our homeland, restoring confidence in our financial system and supporting a historic economic recovery effort, providing health care to our veterans, conducting diplomacy abroad, providing relief to Hurricane Sandy victims, or searching for cures to the most vexing diseases, we are fortunate to be able to rely upon a skilled workforce committed to public service.”