First lady Michelle Obama on Monday will announce the launch of a credentialing program that the White House says will help members of the armed forces leaving military service  earn the certification needed for many high-tech jobs in the private sector.

Many departing service members have faced problems landing high-tech jobs in the private sector despite military training and experience in the field because they lack the proper civilian certification. The new program is aimed at assisting veterans begin careers in fields such as computer programming and software development.

The pilot phase of the program also would provide additional training for service members who need more skills to receive their certifications, according to the White House.

The credentialing program, organized by the White House and Department of Defense, includes a partnership with several IT companies, including Cisco Systems, that have created what they call a “US IT Pipeline” to help veterans land jobs in the field.

First Lady Michelle Obama greets Interior employees after speaking at the agencies headquarters on Tuesday. (Saul Loeb/AFP-Getty). First lady Michelle Obama greets Interior employees after speaking at the agency’s headquarters last week. (Saul Loeb/AFP-Getty).

The first lady’s appearance is part of a White House forum on military credentialing and licensing being held Monday with veterans and industry representatives at the Eisenhower Executive Building.

The White House also will announce a new program that will help veterans with health care experience earn nursing licenses through grants administered by the Department of Health and Human Services.