The Postal Service next year will offer healthcare coverage to its temporary employees to comply with the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.

The agency announced on Monday that it would pay United Healthcare an estimated $239 million annually to provide coverage for about 35,000 “non-career employees.”

In a new release, the Postal Service said the contract value “may vary significantly depending on actual non-career employee plan participation.”

The Postal Service does not currently provide health insurance for temporary employees. The agency plans to offer coverage for those workers beginning next year.

Self-only coverage under the health care plan will cost temporary employees 9.5 percent of their W-2 pay, according to the Postal Service. The cost of family coverage has yet to be determined, said agency spokeswoman Sue Brennan.

The Affordable Care Act, which took effect in 2010, requires employers with more than 50 employees to offer healthcare coverage next year for workers averaging at least 30 hours per week.

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