A House committee will hear different takes on how well the retirement system for federal employees is working at a hearing Thursday.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has “implemented several initiatives to develop a 21st Century customer-focused retirement processing system that adjudicates claims in a timely and accurate manner,” Kenneth Zawodny, OPM associate director for retirement services, says in testimony submitted to the Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on the federal workforce.

The agency’s inspector general, Patrick M. McFarland acknowledges that “OPM has been largely successful in administering the program and meeting the needs of the 2.5 million Federal retirees,” but his testimony also identifies several problems, including a falling accuracy rate and “a lack of leadership commitment” to solve problems with improper payments to dead people.

The falling accuracy rate requires additional work to correct errors and creates delay in getting proper payments to retirees and their families, he said.

“[S]enior leadership within OPM, and specifically RS (retirement services),” McFarland added, “has not demonstrated a sustained commitment to establishing an active and continuing effort to address improper payments made to deceased annuitants.”


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