Immigration and Customs Enforcement director John Morton announced Monday that he will leave the agency at the end of July.

Morton has led ICE for more than four years, having been unanimously confirmed by the Senate in 2009.

“I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished together during that time and look with awe on the incredible progress ICE has made as an agency,” Morton said in a memo to employees on Monday. “ICE has truly come of age and become an innovative, leading force in federal law enforcement.”

During Morton’s tenure at ICE, the Obama administration prioritized removal of criminal and dangerous illegal immigrants instead of illegal immigrants in general. Deportation numbers increased during that time, compared to the previous administration.

Under Morton’s leadership, ICE also bolstered its investigative efforts with border crimes, export controls, intellectual-property enforcement and child exploitation, according to an agency bio for the outgoing director.

Morton will move to the private sector next, becoming senior vice president and head of compliance for Capital One bank in August.

“He is a skilled leader with great judgment and a proven ability to drive results in a dynamic organization,” said Capital One spokeswoman Tatiana Stead. “Compliance is a high priority for our company and we couldn’t be more pleased that he will be joining our team.”

More information about this development is available in a Washington Post article about Morton’s tenure and departure.

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