(Wikimedia Commons) - Fort Belvoir Army base. (Wikimedia Commons) – Fort Belvoir Army base.

A training school at the Fort Belvoir Army base blocked access to The Washington Post Web site earlier this month because of an article that contained a classified slide illustrating how the National Security Agency eavesdrops on international communications.

Officials at the Defense Acquisition University implemented the restriction on July 11 and lifted it on July 13, according to DAU chief information officer Tim Hamm. The school blocked access because of “a report of a potential issue with the Washington Post website,” Hamm said.

“In accordance with standard procedures, we instituted a temporary block of the site until we could evaluate this report further and make a determination on any impact to DAU’s systems,” Hamm explained. “This block was lifted on July 13 and access to the Washington Post website was restored.”

The restriction represents the second known instance of a federal organization dissuading individuals who have direct ties to the federal government from viewing the article. Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security issued a memo warning its employees that they could face administrative or legal action for opening the story if they were not authorized to view the slide.

DAU is a Defense Department training center that schools military and civilian personnel in the fields of acquisition, technology, and logistics.

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