A labor leader representing federal employees is exhorting them to “take to the streets” to protest a partial government shutdown that began Tuesday. The inability of Congress to reach agreement on a temporary budget funding measure means some federal services will close and many federal employees will be sent home without pay.

The International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers (IFPTE) “urges all Federal workers to join with our Sisters and Brothers throughout the labor community in fighting back. Since the House of Representatives is kicking you out the door, you should take to the streets, let your voices be heard, and remind them that ultimately it is you who will decide their fate, not the other way around,” said Gregory Junemann, the union president.

Junemann placed the blame for the shutdown squarely on House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his Republican caucus. Junemann said workers can “fight back by participating in informational pickets” at federal facilities.

“IFPTE is horrified by the House Leadership’s decision to jeopardize American prosperity in favor of making an empty partisan political point. This House, led by Speaker Boehner and the tea-party caucus, is a direct threat to the livelihood of millions of American workers and their families,” Junemann said in a statement.

“The underlying problem has become clear. Speaker Boehner has failed in accomplishing his highest responsibility to represent ALL Americans – not just those who elected the small clan of extremists who are waging a scorched-earth and personal war against the President and workers,” Juneman added. “Instead of rallying the responsible wing of his Caucus, the Speaker has instead allowed his actions to be dictated by those who disrupted the State-of-the-Union, those who claim the President is a Muslim born in Kenya, those who spat on the iconic Representative John Lewis, those who wish to re-prosecute the civil war, and those who never understood the moral of Green Eggs and Ham. This House has reached a new low … and, similar to the results back in the 90’s, the American public will soon respond in a major way.”


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