Will the government shutdown and furloughs have a chilling effect on government employment going forward? Nia-Malika Henderson talks to Kellie Lunney from Government Executive and Andrew Krzmarzick from GovLoop. (The Washington Post)

Here’s some counter-programming to pessimism about working for the government: Not only is it a good time to join the federal workforce, but millennials are particularly well-suited for public service careers.

That’s according to Govloop’s Andrew Krzmarzick. He and Government Executive reporter Kellie Lunney joined PostTV’s On Background on Friday to talk about the long-term damage the recent budget cuts and furloughs will wreak on the federal workforce.

But Krzmarzick says there are reasons for optimism: Federal workers are retiring in droves, and that trend is expected to continue. And, he said, federal government needs tech-savvy innovators who can make it more effective and efficient.

Would you recommend young professionals pursue a career in federal service? Krzmarzick posted this thread on GovLoop, a social network for government employees, What do you think? On Background wants to hear your responses on Twitter (use the hashtag #Postback) or in the comments.