For many federal workers and government contractors, the shutdown meant hours spent at home as bank accounts dwindled and work piled up back on the job. But those were the impacts everyone saw coming before the budgeting stalemate turned into a lapse in funding.

We want to know about the unexpected impacts, including those that affected individuals and organizations with no direct ties to the government. Did anything hit you by surprise? Has the media overlooked something?

This week, we wrote about a diabetes foundation that canceled one of its fundraising rides because Death Valley National Park was closed, although the group still collected about $1 million in pledges for the event and helped reroute many of its would-be participants to a later ride in Tucson, Ariz.

We want to hear about more of these types of experiences. If you have a story, please share it below for possible use in the Washington Post newspaper or on its Web site.

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