A few items that caught our attention on Friday:

(Carol Porter/Washington Post) (Carol Porter/Washington Post)

Most members of Congress are millionaires: A new study from the Center for Responsive Politics shows that, for the first time, most U.S. lawmakers are millionaires, with 268 out of 534 members of Congress claiming a net worth of more than $1 million, according to a National Journal article.

Insane Clown Posse sues FBI over gang designation: The self-described “horrorcore” rap group filed a lawsuit on Wednesday demanding that the FBI remove the fan-name “Juggalos” from its list of dangerous gangs, according to a Rolling Stone report.

National Guard concerned about attrition with wars winding down: The National Guard’s top official said recruitment and retention could become a problem once military operations in Afghanistan come to an end, saying the guard has been able draw high-quality service members, in part, because they’ve had regular opportunities to serve abroad, according to a Federal News Radio report.

VA reports rise in suicides among youngest vets: The Department of Veterans Affairs reported a sharp increase in the suicide rate among the youngest male veterans, in addition to a smaller jump among women who served in the military, according to an Associated Press report.

U.S. spy agencies dreamed of Google Glass before it became real: Based on reports from an annual brain-storming session for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the spy community was thinking about “iGlasses” as early as 2008, according to an article on The Switch blog.

CBO highlights options for tough defense cuts: The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office this week proposed six ways to reduce defense spending, with options that included deep cuts to military services and controversial reductions in pay and benefits, according to a Federal Times article.

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