Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray. (Gary Cameron/Reuters). Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray. (Gary Cameron/Reuters).

Q: This director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will appear on “Jeopardy” Wednesday.

A: Who is Richard Cordray?

That’s right, the head of the consumer watchdog agency will take part in the game show’s “Battle of the Decades” tournament, which pits former champions of the last 30 years against each other.

Back in 1987, Cordray won $45,303 as a five-time champion on the show.

“It was exciting. It was intimidating,” Cordray said of his first appearance, in a video posted on the Jeopardy Web site. “You recognize suddenly as you get there that two out of three contestants lose their game. And you’re just hoping you make a good account of yourself.”

One of Cordray’s friends who had been on the game show encouraged him to try out while he was attending law school. Cordray initially dismissed the idea because he was too swamped with work, but said he gave it a shot after graduation.

The Ohio native said he was surprised by how many people watched the show and recognized him.

“I got a couple of marriage proposals,” he joked.

After paying taxes on his winnings, Cordray said he used the remainder of the money to buy a car, take a trip with a friend and repay his dad for law school. Any winnings from Wednesday night’s show, however, will remain with the game show, according to CFPB spokeswoman Jennifer Howard.

If the director wins Wednesday night, he could earn a spot in the semifinals.

Jeopardy has posted a video to preview its “Battle of the Decades” tournament, in case any readers are interested in seeing Cordray as a younger man.