This photo provided by HHS shows the main landing web page for (AP Photo/HHS)

The Obama administration on Tuesday proposed a $77.1 billion budget for the Health and Human Services department, representing a slight decrease from 2014. The budget includes new funding for doctor training, Head Start and mental health services, as well as initiatives to target antibiotic resistance.

But it does not include a major increase in funding for the National Institutes of Health, despite warnings from the agency’s director that it needs a significant infusion to remain on the cutting edge of research.

The budget also continues to fund the president’s signature health-care law, which had many of its key provisions implemented this year. It includes money to continue operating the state and federal health insurance marketplaces, as well as to provide subsidies to help low- and middle-income people pay for health insurance. Most Americans must carry health insurance starting this year, or they face a fine.

Correction: This post was updated to correct the size of the budget request. A previous version mistakenly used the fiscal year 2014 number.