A few items that caught our attention on Wednesday:

(Matthew Staver/Bloomberg)

Medical marijuana research for PTSD nears federal approval: The Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration have given their approval to a proposed study on whether medical marijuana can help with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a USA Today report. But some critics, including a Vietnam veteran who wrote a Government Executive column about the plan, say pot would effectively numb the effects of the condition and provide only short-term relief.

IRS says worker took home personal information on 20,000 employees: Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen said in an e-mail to agency employees on Tuesday that an IRS worker took home a thumb drive with personal information on about 20,000 current and former IRS personnel and contractors, putting the data at risk of exposure to the public, according to an Associated Press report.

NSA presentation, via The Guardian

The art of the NSA slideshow: The Washington Post details some of its favorite slideshow art from the National Security Agency, uncovered through the Edward Snowden leaks, in a recent blog item from The Switch.

How do you phase in phased retirement for feds?: Congress and President Obama approved a phased-retirement program in 2012 that allows federal employees to work part-time after the age of retirement while receiving partial annuities and continuing to pay toward their benefits. But the government is struggling to work out the details and still hasn’t phased out a single employee, according to a Federal News radio article.

FOIA officers unhappy with House bill: Some Freedom of Information Act officers for federal agencies say a House-passed bill to overhaul FOIA policies will do little to improve how the government responds to document and information requests, according to a Federal News radio report.