Marion McFadden poses for a portrait at the Department of Housing and Urban Development on in Washington. (Yue Wu/The Washington Post)

Federal employee Marion McFadden is a finalist for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America awards, known as the “Sammies,” for her work with the Hurrican Sandy rebuilding efforts.

McFadden served as chief operating officer and then executive director of the White House’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force. She was nominated for the Management Excellence Medal.

Learn more about the McFadden and her work in this Washington Post profile by Ileana Najarro. Here’s an excerpt:

Marion M. McFadden and some of her colleagues had to see things for themselves.

They were in Washington, having been assigned to work on policy and coordination issues in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. They had seen the televised results of the superstorm’s rampage along the East Coast, but there is no substitute for being a witness.

So they traveled north and drove around New York City, Staten Island and Breezy Point.

McFadden, chief operating officer and later executive director of the White House’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, said she remembered New York in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. She’d worked on the distribution of recovery funds back then. She had also visited areas hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Yet the scale of Sandy’s destruction still shocked her.

Josh Hicks covers Maryland politics and government. He previously anchored the Post’s Federal Eye blog, focusing on federal accountability and workforce issues.