The team investigating who is responsible for cost overruns and mistakes inside the still unfinished $1.73 billion Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in suburban Denver will now have a construction expert after criticism over the makeup of the panel, VA announced.

Joanna Krause, who heads the medical facilities design office at the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command headquarters, will take part in the agency investigation of cost overruns at the medical center, which is $1 billion over budget and years behind schedule.

It was reported earlier this week that the VA had been trying to “nail down” Krause’s appointment to the investigative board since February, but was awaiting approval from the Navy.

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) called the announcement, “too little, too late.” He called for an independent investigation and “the VA [to get] out of the construction business.”

Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, said it is “unfortunate that it often takes negative press coverage or congressional scrutiny just to get this administration to take VA’s problems seriously.”

VA’s administrative investigation board is expected to report in the next few weeks on what went wrong with a project that began with a $604 million construction budget, which now is the most expensive hospital construction in VA history.