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The Washington Post

USPS records its first quarterly net profit in five years, but warns losses are not over. Meanwhile, the plan to eliminate Saturday service is dead.

New guidance from the Office of Personnel Management on Wednesday is unambiguous and stern.

Federal employees under CSRS stand to come out better than those under FERS, all other things being equal.

Lawmakers find some common ground but likely will move away from it soon.

Like House bill, Senate measure is silent on increase, opening way for White House's proposal to take effect.

Only a small portion of the more than 30,000 appeals have been decided, but none favor employees.

Rules carry out numerous revisions to the law restricting partisan political activities by federal employees, which was enacted more than a year ago.

The Office of Personnel Management and the General Services Administration announced the agreement on Monday.

Workforce size and the amount employees pay toward retirement benefits will be among the issues the House is set to consider.

The House budget plan repeats a proposal to increase the amount federal employees pay toward their retirement benefits.

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