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Rules carry out numerous revisions to the law restricting partisan political activities by federal employees, which was enacted more than a year ago.

The planned rules would carry out revisions to Hatch Act enacted last year.

The group says the DNC failed to properly report payments for a trip in which Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius plugged President Obama during his bid for re-election.

Federal employees generally may participate in the upcoming Inaugural activities but they should be careful not to violate certain ethical restrictions, the guidance says.

With approval from the House, the Hatch Act Modernization Act now moves to the president.

FEDERAL EYE | The House has scheduled votes today on federal-employment bills that would lighten penalties for banned political activities and strengthen those for misconduct.

With the election over, federal employees now may freely wear clothing or buttons in the workplace showing the candidates and may display pictures of them, but such items advocating for or against political parties or partisan political groups remain banned.