The Washington Post

The House in approving a Hurricane Sandy relief package Tuesday defeated a proposal to offset some of the cost by imposing across-the-board cuts in many federal programs.

The House could vote as soon as today to cut spending in many federal programs by nearly 2 percent as a way of paying for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief.

The government is continuing to expand benefits policies in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, clearing the way for certain emergency relief employees to be eligible for federal health insurance coverage and soliciting donations of leave for affected federal workers.

Federal employees and retirees who were victims of Hurricane Sandy are eligible for several special benefits, including additional supplies of medications if needed.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, one of the most avid users of telework among federal agencies, says its productivity largely held up when federal agencies in the Washington area were closed for two days last week due to Hurricane Sandy.

Federal agencies have been told they may solicit contributions from federal workers for victims of Hurricane Sandy.