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Like House bill, Senate measure is silent on increase, opening way for White House's proposal to take effect.

Raise of 1 percent would follow freeze on salary rates over 2011-2013.

The Obama administration is urging Congress to back its recommendation to boost salaries by 1 percent.

House bills leave room for what would be first across the board raise since 2010.

Congress is poised to close the door on the possibility of a federal employee pay raise while allowing furloughs to proceed.

Federal employees would not receive the 0.5 percent pay raise scheduled to be paid in April, under a bill passed by the House Friday that faces iffy prospects in the Senate.

Over the objections of the White House and unions, the House plans to vote on a bill to deny federal employees a 0.5 percent pay raise.

A coalition of unions and other organizations representing federal employees is asking Congress to allow a 0.5 percent federal employee raise set for April to take effect.