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Some agencies are trying to rush funds to their workers after they went without checks during the 16-day government closure.

The next action will take place in a conference committee that is trying to bridge wide differences in budgets.

Raise of 1 percent would follow freeze on salary rates over 2011-2013.

The Coalition of National Park Service retirees estimated that the park system has missed out on about 715,000 visitors daily.

Federal employees share their strategies for dealing with time off and financial uncertainty during the shutdown.

Democrats and Republicans have proposed competing bills to freeze lawmakers' salaries when the government shuts down.

Government contractors will not be paid for furlough time during the shutdown, unlike federal employees under a House bill supported by the White House and many Senate lawmakers.

  • Josh Hicks and Marjorie Censer
  • ·
  • Oct 8, 2013
  • ·

An explanation of who created the measure and how it quickly gained traction with both chambers of Congress.

The announcement came one day before the Bureau of Labor Statistics was scheduled to release the numbers for September.

The impacts would not occur immediately, but they could show up within two months in areas where federal employees make up a high percentage of the workforce, the report said.

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