This weekend is the official start of grilling season. After you clean your grill (whether it’s $150 or $1,500 is up to you) — but before you arrange the coals to perfectly fit your cooking method — you’ll need to decide what to make. You could go the bivalve route and add some delicious smoke to your oysters, mussels or clams. Or you could turn to a few recipes we recently tested from new spring and summer cookbooks. Whatever you do, it wouldn’t hurt to have a drink in hand, be it beer, wine or cocktail. If you’re in need of even more ideas, here are 45 — including plenty of meatless and alcohol–free options — from our Recipe Finder to get you started.

Snacks and starters

Burgers and hot dogs

Tri-Pepper Burgers, pictured above

Meatless mains and vegetables

Salads and slaws


Minty Lemon Soda, pictured above, left

Watermelon Mint Smash, pictured above, right


Grilled Figs Packet, pictured above