It’s finally picnic season. Sit back and enjoy the summer breeze with a few of our favorite take-along dishes, pulled from our Recipe Finder.

Lightened-Up Pimento Cheese. The Southern specialty is excellent slathered on celery sticks, bread or crackers.

German Potato Salad, pictured above. A tangy alternative to the traditional mayonnaise-based variety.

Asian-Style Cabbage Slaw. This dish gets its crunch from uncooked, packaged ramen noodles.

Veggie Flatbread Sandwich With Feta-Yogurt Spread, pictured above. This meatless main requires little more than the blending of a two-ingredient spread and the slicing and layering of fresh vegetables.

Oven-Fried Chicken on a Stick. A more healthful take on fried chicken that’s also a cinch to prepare.

Sesame Beef and Arugula Summer Rolls. Carrot adds crunch while arugula provides a nice change from the standard iceberg lettuce.

Grilled Smoked Bologna and Yellow Mustard Grilled Slaw Sammies. For picnics that include a grill.

Tomato-Basil Peach Paletas, pictured above. The mixture freezes beautifully into a two-toned peach shade.

Mint and Sage Lemonade. This refreshing twist on the summer classic is fit for all ages, but can be enhanced with a splash of alcohol for adults.