There were no time restraints, no finicky tent conditions and no Judge With the Piercing Blue Eyes to intimidate me, but baking along with Season 3 of “The Great British Baking Show” on PBS was no cake walk, either.

Like the bakers, I encountered completely new recipes and techniques, some more perplexing than others. I, however, had the luxury of do-overs, not to mention the expertise of the pastry chef commentators who were in the #WaPoFood Lab the same time I was.

To sum up: There was lots of flour, LOTS of butter and not too many tears. In fact, I had fun.

Here are the seven recipes I tackled, culled from a mix of signature, technical and showstopper creations. Any or all of them would be quite suitable for a weekend finale viewing party.

Mary Berry’s Frosted Walnut Layer Cake: This was the first technical challenge of Season 3, and it’s quite the looker.

Coconut, Fennel and Pistachio BiscottiThe fennel in these treats from Nadiya really works. We promise.

Mango Cheesecake With Caramelized Hazelnuts: Thank Tamal for this elegant dessert with a light, airy texture and tropical flavor.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake: Alvin’s “alternative bake” that uses agave nectar instead of granulated sugar will feed a crowd.

Mocha Hazelnut Cream Horns: Curious about “rough puff” pastry? Try it in Nadiya’s entry.

Hot Chocolate Souffle: Rich and sophisticated; no, we’re not talking about Paul Hollywood. This Mary Berry recipe, a technical challenge from the semifinals, will satisfy any chocoholic.

Caramel Sticky Toffee Cake: Tamal turns a classic British dessert into a showstopper.

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