Most of us probably would call the theme of our Thanksgiving meal “cobbled together” — you know, a mix of old favorites, new dishes and a bunch of things in between.

But if there are particular holes in your meal that you’d like to fill, or if you’d like a fully fleshed out meal by category, we have some menus for your consideration. (Click on the links below to take you to each particular menu.)

Make-ahead recipes

You probably don’t have enough kitchen space to do all of your Thanksgiving cooking on Thursday, so it’s important to cross at least a few dishes off the list before Turkey Day arrives.

Last-minute recipes

So you forgot Thanksgiving was coming up. It happens. Not to worry, however: These recipes can be made before company arrives, and your guests will be none the wiser.

Simple recipes

Thanksgiving is a holiday of excess, but that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with elaborate ingredients and kitchen techniques. You can’t go wrong with these simple, sure-thing dishes.

Turkey Day with a twist

For a twist on some classic Thanksgiving fare, try these alternative yet still holiday-appropriate recipes.

Classic Americana

These more-than-classic Thanksgiving recipes are steeped in Americana, many with ties to the White House.

Cooking for a party of two

You don’t need to be expecting a big crowd to eat well on Thanksgiving. These recipes are perfect for a party of two.

Vegetarian dishes

Contrary to popular belief, meat is not a Thanksgiving prerequisite. These dishes are a delicious alternative.

Vegan dishes

These vegan recipes are worth a place on any Thanksgiving table.

Recipes for the calorie conscious

Looking for a lighter Thanksgiving? These recipes are on the healthier side, without sacrificing flavor.

Washington Post Food favorites

Everyone has a favorite recipe or two that they’re happy to make year after year. These are some of ours.